About PulStar Technology

The PulStar is a precise instrument used in the analysis and treatment of a wide range of problems, caused by joint subluxation, restricted joint mobility, myofascial spasm or ligamentous strain including:
The PulStar is safe and effective for all ages from young to seniors because it uses precise computer controlled low force impulses. No Twisting, Turning, “Cracking” or “Popping” is required to produce the desired results of treatment. Painless analysis and gentle treatment can be performed sitting, standing or lying down.
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How Does It Work?

The PulStar uses a handheld Impulse Head containing sensors and is connected to a sophisticated computer program. Each spinal joint is analyzed for proper function and then displayed as a graph providing both Doctor and Patient with precise information regarding joint functions.

This data, along with other clinical information obtained from the patient history, examination, etc. is used to determine the most effective course of treatment to obtain the best results in the shortest period of time.

A post-analysis is performed and compared with the pretreatment analysis to visualize and verify the results of treatment.